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Tim Ballingham
Pam Ballingham
Valentine's Day FunRaiser
Auction tables - a magnificent success!!!
Eleanor W. -  kimono sculpture

Pam and Tim Ballingham
who created this extavaganza and who came in generous support!

Jan S. - Mr Duck tea pot
Behind the scenes 
a crew to dream of

Jan S. - Mr. Rabbit  tea pot

Lucky M.
clay cactus garden
a donation to our art sale 

Paula Z. -  tree accoutrements
Ron B. -- checker set
Paula Z. - food organizer with a major flare!
Ron B. - clay frog with metal embellishments
Jessica S. -  pendants and pins
"Ancient Aliens"
Nancy F. -  large tile wall piece

Teresa S. -  folded clay with texture
Ron B. -  tall totem 
Teresa S. -  folded clay vase

Paula Z. -  totems
Barbie's found metal clay bowl
Barbie's large cactus textured planter
What FUN we have!
A Pit Fire Workshop respite
in Deborah's pool
In loving memory 

Nancy F. -  large tile wall piece
Nancy F. - large tile wall piece
Ron B. -  "Eagle on a Rock"

Servers at the wine table WOW!
(This one speaks for itself!
We are so proud of ALL of our students
for their amazing creativity and generous spirits!
Tracey and Pam
Valentine's Day FunRaiser musicians
Bruce M. -  mixed media sculpture
metal and clay
Bruce M. - mixed media
detail of clay flower center
Terry L. - Necklaces

Miki B. - wind chime
Janet D. -
"Blue River of Rocks"
Janet D. - Rock Totem