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Your tuition includes clay, use of our tools and state of the art equipment, instruction, firing and clear glaze.
You will purchase your own colored, (inexpensive) glazes.

Adults 17 years and older
We welcome beginner and advanced clay workers!

You can "make it up" by attending any other class during the same session.
(We can't "roll over" missed classes)
  • We teach hand-building techniques in an environment free of judgment, expectation or pressure.   

  • Make what you want and we'll show you how!

  • Classes are self-paced. 

  • A "Candle Circle" during each class encourages mindfulness, relaxation, and creativity.  Each person lights a candle silently for a loved one or a personal intention.  The Circle sets a "tone" that makes these classes special and meaningful.

2020 Class schedule:
Tuesdays         1:00 to 4:00
Tuesdays         5:30 to 8:30 
Wednesdays    10:00 to 1:00
Wednesdays    5:30 to 8:30
Thursdays        10:00 to 1:00
Fridays            9:00 to 12:00

Weeks of:
January 5 thru February 16
February 23 - March 29
April 5 - May 17
May 24 - June 28 
July 5 - August  2
Weeks of August 9 - August 30 (no classes)
September 6 - October 18
October 25  - December 13

Please note:  
Due to holidays and other campus closures, some classes may be fewer weeks than others.  Also, watch for other schedule changes that may (rarely) occur.

Tim Ballingham, instructor

The kiln room with two Skutt automatic electric kilns.  We bisque to cone 04 and glaze to cone 06 (earthenware).  We also use innovative surface treatments.

Wednesdays:  1 - 4
Fridays:  12 -  3
Open Studios are for currently enrolled students only
Caution, you've entered a clay construction zone
and what you are constructing is you.
Come, seize the journey.
Each turn is a new adventure, suggesting
you leave the old map of trepidations behind.

You won't see your world the same again --
the texture on the soles of your shoes,
a pine cone or a simple stick,
a thimble, a button, a kitchen tool or a bracelet.

An untrimable Muse lives 
within each bag of moist, velvet clay,
taking you to undiscovered places.
She'll work on you, visiting your dreams, 
greeting you unrelentingly in the morning.
She'll open you, asking you be more accepting 
of the differences you find in others,
and the paradoxes that live within yourself.

Slow down, watch.
Take the curves she throws, mindfully.
Proceed in Nano-time,
for what sits in front of you
is what you are in the moment.

She is your mirror.
If you're impatient, she may break.
if you drift or feel inadequate, she will bear the scars.
She comes alive with your respect
and she  tears with your haste.
She is tough love.

She likes to play and takes the lead when you let her,
coaxing you into unknown places,
showing you that her nature is your own
in all  your many colors.

She is shy, The Muse,
traveling best when judgement is suspended -
blossoming then, shining then,
for all  she responds to is you in the moment,
not what others will think tomorrow.

She is surprise and disappointment.
But she will sit with you until you try again,
and then again and, 
in the end,
she is joy.

She is the messenger
and the message is you.
Caution, You've Entered a Clay Construction Zone
Copyright 2010  Pamala Ballingham
 Sample Schedule: Weeks of February 23 through March 29, 2020

Tuesdays :          1:00 - 4:00    Feb. 25 - March 31,   w/ Tim B.     6 wks $155

Tuesdays:         5:30 - 8:30    Feb. 25 - March 31,    w/ Tim B.     6 wks  $155

Wednesdays:   10:00 - 1:00   Feb. 26 - April 1,    w/ Pam B.    6 wks  $155

Wednesdays:   5:30 - 8:30    Feb. 26 - April 1,    w/ Tim B.      6 wks  $155

Thursdays:       10:00 -  1:00   Feb. 27 - April 2,    w/ Pam B.    6 wks  $155

Fridays:             9:00 - 12:00   Feb. 28 - April 3,  w/ Pam B.      6 wks  $155

NOTE: To secure your enrollment, pay ASAP. There is a Late charge of $15 if your tuition is not paid by the end of your first class and $25 at end of your second class

Open Studios are for current students only.  No instruction.
Wednesdays  1:00 to 4:00
Fridays 12:00  to 3:00